Our proofer cup cups are designed for intensive use, all new models have been extensively tested by several large bakeries before we introduce a model to the market.

The cups are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, without sacrificing a firm attachment.

We have selected the mesh of our cups with great care to guarantee the best moisture, air and heat permeability. UV stabilizers have been added both in the rim and in the mesh to protect the mesh against the UV-C radiation in the proofer machines and -cabinets.

There’s choice between different materials and a number of coarseness of the mesh which the cups can be finished.


When designing our cups we used the best materials to create cups with a long lifespan. Proper use and maintenance of the cups will help to prolong the life of the cups.

We have composed a maintenance instruction to help you extend the lifespan of our proofer cups for as long as possible.


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