Standard PE gauze


The mesh types we offer in our product range are selected with great care and are comprehensively tested before they are added to our product range.

All of our gauze type have good humidity-, air- and heat transmitting qualities to ensure an optimal proofing process. We’ve added UV-stabilizers to our mesh types to prevent it getting brittle over time as a result of the UV-C lamps in installed in proofing machines.

There are several materials to choose from to finish the proofer cups, which are indicated by each individual proofer cup. If you cannot find your preferred material, ask us about the possibilities. 



Our standard PE gauze is our most coarse gauze in our product range, and is used as our standard gauze in our large square and round proofer cups like B54, R185 and R175


With the introduction of blue PE gauze, we are in line with the continuing desire of the bakery sector to be able to offer blue contact materials. The properties of the mesh are equal to our standard PE gauze. The great advantage of the blue gauze is that UV radiation can't penetrate the mesh and thus corrode the mesh, which helps to prevent decreasing quality and prolongs the lifespan of the cups!



When designing our cups we used the best materials to create cups with a long lifespan. Proper use and maintenance of the cups will help to prolong the life of the cups.

We have composed a maintenance instruction to help you extend the lifespan of our proofer cups for as long as possible.


request maintenace instruction