Innovative flexible proofer cups

Neuhof Bakery Parts introduces a completely new concept that makes a working day of a baker a lot more pleasant.

Changing of proofer cups a difficult and time-consuming job? Skewed cups and tired hands? Long production standstill when changing cups and a disturbing noise in the working environment?

This is all a thing of the past with the innovative Flex edge cups from Neuhof Bakery Parts.

The special flexible rim of the Flex edge has been developed in collaboration with bakeries to realize an ergonomic and high-quality product that contributes to a pleasant working situation for bakers. It goes without saying that the Flex edge is equipped with our new blue mesh.

Thanks to the special flexible rim, you can change the Flex edge cup in seconds and this job is a piece of cake. The Flex edge saves time, costs and your hands. The six clips ensure that the cup is firmly attached to the tray.

Due to the flexible properties of the rim, the impact of the dough when it falls into the cup is strongly damped. The ability of this special rim/mesh combinations provides a certain flexing proportion to ensure a mild treatment of your dough.

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